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Nouveau Casino Quebec Woo

A new attraction is coming to the West Island of Quebec: The Nouveau Casino Quebec, which was the brainchild of Quebec businessman Roger Desautels and his brother Pierre. With their own experience and connections, they were able to successfully market and develop this attraction.

The idea for a casino in the province of Quebec was born out of the desire of the Canadian government to promote tourism and gambling in the province. It would not be a stretch of the imagination to say that it was a way for them to stimulate the economy and increase tax revenue in the province as well.

Nouveau Casino Quebec will have three casino hotels – two in Montreal and one each in Trois-Rivieres and Sherbrooke. The guests will also have the option of accessing online gambling via the casino’s website.

Roger and Pierre Desautels is both experienced gamblers, having spent time working with both the Ontario and Quebec casinos. They feel that the Quebec casinos will provide visitors with an experience of gambling and entertainment unlike anywhere else in the country. If you wish to participate in a tournament or other game show, there is also a live television feed available, so you can enjoy your casino stay without missing out on any of the action.

There are many reasons why tourists and people from the rest of the country should be visiting this casino attraction. The live sports coverage will give those who are in the area the opportunity to see professional sports such as NHL hockey and football, as well as CFL and American Football.

Although it is still a little ways off from opening, it appears that the Nouveau Casino Quebec is on track to open in the fall of 2020. It will be very interesting to see what kind of business model it decides upon in the coming years, especially since Quebec has been trying to lure the casino business from other provinces and regions all over Canada.

There are also several hotels in and around Montreal, such as the Hotel Renfrew and the Casino de Quebec. Those who are interested in visiting can take a bus tour that will take them through the main pedestrian areas of the city as well as through downtown.

The Rouen Casino is currently under construction but will open in two or three years. The Hotel Renfrew will open soon after, and the Hotel Ontario will be ready by the fall.

If you are interested in playing and enjoying a game of cards at the Nouveau Casino Quebec, you will need to reserve your room in advance. You will also need to plan accordingly when it comes to obtaining your casino gambling chips and casino tokens as well.

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