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New Normal Foe Casino

The New Normal Foe is a new website, created by Matt McConnahey (author of the New Normal series) in which the author takes the reader through a series of short articles describing his experiences with gambling and other similar activities. For the first few articles the author introduces his audience to a series of “nontraditional” gambles and experiences and also offers some insight into the psychology of gamblers and how they behave in the casinos.

In the next part of the series, The New Foe, the author introduces a “Foe” to the game that he refers to as his “enemy”, i.e. an opponent that he considers “bad” for himself, his gambling, or both. This enemy is often referred to as “the New Normal foe”, and this is a clever play on words, because the “New Normal” gamblers who go online to seek help for their gambling problems are not “normals” in the sense of being bad people.

The main plot of the book is how the writer goes through the gambler’s addiction to “The Foe”, and how the gamblers are able to overcome it. In the process, the author explains why gamblers become addicted to their “friends” in the casino and why so many gamblers lose money every day, despite what others claim about them.

The “Foe” that the author refers to is the player who betters their gambling strategies to the point of having a blind spot when it comes to their “enemy” in the casino, i.e. their own fear of loss.

While the book was written for those who have suffered from addiction to online gambling, the New Normal Foe does provide insight into how to avoid it. I especially liked the sections that dealt with how gamblers can learn from their mistakes, whether it is losing their “friend” in the casino, betting too much on games that they know nothing about, or making silly mistakes in their online gaming sessions.

Overall, the New Normal Foe is a very insightful read, and the author lays out many strategies for overcoming the “enemy” in the casino, but most of all, he reminds readers that they must first acknowledge and then conquer their own fears in order to succeed. The book is not intended as a comprehensive guide to gamblers; it is meant to be a light-hearted guide for those suffering from addiction to gambling.

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