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New Microgaming Casinos 2020

For the first time in its twenty-five year history, New MicroGaming Casinos has set a new benchmark in the world of gaming. In addition to the fantastic deals offered by their online casino websites to players from all over the UK, they have also set a new standard in their customer service with their “Live Help” telephone lines.

The “Live Help” line is available from 7am to midnight each day and the company has an online chat available for all enquiries and questions from players. They provide Casino, Poker, Live Dealers, Live Bingo and even land-based dealer games for millions of casinos across the world and more than 1,200 UK casinos. They also operate their own casino software development and licensing department as well as offering live programming to various television channels and radio stations throughout the country.

“Live Help” also provides free advice on how to best increase your winnings, which can be invaluable for those who are new to playing casino games or for those that have lost a lot of money over the years and may not be as skilled at it as they should be. The customer service staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have about their services and in no time you will find yourself chatting to a real person on the “Live Help” telephone line rather than a computer screen!

As well as the latest casino games, players can also play high quality roulette, bingo, games of skill and strategy, slot machines, video poker and more. Players who have played online in the past will be pleased to hear that the Microgaming Casino software and services are free and will help you improve your gambling game over time.

Microgaming is run by a group of highly experienced industry professionals who also have the experience and knowledge needed to deal with the problems that come along with growing a successful business. They are able to offer advice and help online casino players in developing their skills and help them to understand the rules of the game so that they can win more money as well as improve their playing technique and strategy.

For players looking for an online casino that offers excellent customer service and a fun and exciting gaming experience, then Microgaming is the site for you. Whether you want to play against the computer, have your friends join in on the fun, or just play for money, you will never run out of games and ways to enjoy your time playing online. Take the leap and become a member today!

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