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Medicine Hat Lodge Casino

The Copper Coulee Resort Casino, located at Medicine Hat, Alberta, is among the most popular destinations for Canadian gamblers across the country. In fact, almost half of all Canadians who play online casino games end up at this popular Calgary location.

Found just on the southern side of the Medicine Hat lodge, the Copper Coulee Resort Casino offers a fun, festive casino experience for those who visit its various establishments. Located in downtown Calgary, this casino is close to the Canada Line and also convenient to the downtown core and other major Calgary attractions. Inside the casino, you will find several tables offering progressive slot games, progressive slot machines and a variety of game machines. With all the games available, it is easy to see why this popular casino attracts so many people each year.

The Copper Couer Resort Casino is conveniently located between Calgary’s central business district and the Calgary International Airport, making it easy for visitors to reach from any of the areas surrounding Calgary. The nearby intersection is also close enough to the Calgary Zoo to make it a great place for a family outing or to visit with friends. This casino is also close to the Royal Canadian Air Force Museum and the University of Calgary.

To top off the fun, there are game machines that offer the fun of “heads up” betting and a variety of other casino gaming options. With the wide variety of game machines to choose from, the possibilities are endless. As you browse the many game machines, you can also try your luck at various slot games and progressive slot machines.

With all these features and more, this is a great casino to visit in the middle of your trip. If you need to make your trip fun and exciting, you might want to consider visiting this casino on your next visit. The staffs are friendly and knowledgeable and the atmosphere is inviting. They will always be happy to share their knowledge with you as you enjoy yourself. The staffs may even give you a surprise prize for winning something that is not on offer at the casino.

The Copper Couer Resort Casino is only about an hour north of Calgary and is also easy to reach by taking a bus from Calgary’s downtown core. The bus fare is just $5. For those with a larger budget, there is a car rental that will take you directly to the casino. Just remember to bring along your own snacks and drinks for a quick stop while you are at the hotel.

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